Tamam Shud ~ Evolution
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Tamam Shud ~ Evolution

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Australian landmark 1969 LP by pioneering progressive-psych rock band Tamam Shud.

The name Tamam Shud is indeed a legendary one, with a highly regarded status in the annals of Australian rock music. The Shud was one of the first local acts to embrace developments in the world of acid rock. And with links to the local surfing culture which was based around freedom of expression, expanded consciousness and getting back to nature, they were at the local epicentre of a worldwide counter-cultural youth movement.

In the autumn of 1969 film maker Paul Witzig invited the Shud to record the soundtrack to his surfing movie, Evolution. Having financed the soundtrack session in return for being able to use the songs on his soundtrack, Witzig donated the left-over studio time to the band so they could record a few tracks of their own. Developing the soundtrack ideas further, and taking full advantage of the situation the quartet recorded an entire album, live-in-the-studio, in two and a half hours. The result was Evolution, one of the first wholly original acid rock albums produced in Australia and a remarkable example of new developments in the musical epoch of the day.

Evolution boasts a heavy, raucous sound with a bluesy trace still evident in the heavier psych rock moves, with added jazzy touches.