Roza Terenzi, Furious Frank ~ Current Obsession
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Roza Terenzi, Furious Frank ~ Current Obsession

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Butter Sessions first release for 2020 is a by-product of Roza Terenzi’s signature sound fused with Furious Frank’s acid fanaticism. Through Current Obsession, the Butter Sessions regulars let loose a trio of unbridled dance floor mutants with a remix from Reptant to complete the circuit.

“Drop Down” sets the bar high, its glimmering acid wriggles and bass emissions indicate rough waters ahead - before the track breaks out into a deep, pulsating club cut. Following up is “Flipp It”, a real stomper whose rude combination of glitchy electronics and raw, pumping percussion make way for a euphoric 303 ride into the stratosphere. On the flip, Reverse It overloads the motherboard with shimmering arpeggios and frenetic acid lines coalescing to create a hard, penetrating cut primed for the small hours.

After dangerous levels of exposure to the high voltage current, Melbourne local Reptant emerges with one of his trademark Lizard Tech Remixes. Boasting crunchy drum work and whirling synths, the reptilian rework conjures up a smoking hot groove that’ll push the party into overdrive.