Psychotic Acid Freek ~ Pawn Shop Blues b/w Remember 7"
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Psychotic Acid Freek ~ Pawn Shop Blues b/w Remember 7"

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Spain’s Psychotic Acid Freek’s debut 7".

The A-side of the seven inch, “Pawnshop Blues,” has a bit of a Cream feel. In fact, I picture this is what Cream must have sounded like when they got together to jam on the very first day. The music is sturdy and well constructed. It’s not flashy or overly thought out, but it’s an entrancing psychedelic blues guitar riff that will burrow its way inside of your brain. It’s primal, and you feel it rattling the inside of your guts. This is rock that will work its way inside of you.

The flipside is a slower burning blue rocker that must have been recorded under three feet of smoke. The song is heavy and lumbering. While the feel of the song is different, the DNA of the jam remains the same. There is the same primal drumming, the same fuzzy hypnotic guitar riffs, and the same gravel voiced howls though they are more restrained this time around. After listening to the seven inch multiple times now, it’s obvious this band has a feel. They know their groove. This groove is right in their wheelhouse though, and they do it very well. Despite the fact that they have these similar threads running through their songs, they feel fresh and varied.