POW! ~ Crack An Egg
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POW! ~ Crack An Egg

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POW! continue their danse macabre in the laser glow of their hi-beam synthesizers, with a new batch of synth-punk candy to rot your teeth to.

Vacuum-sealed, chrome gleaming, propulsion pounding, eyebrows arched and slightly pixelated like the cupie-doll face beckoning from a digital billboard outside your hovercraft window. From a none-too distant dystopia and on to your turntable - VCFs slowly open across a smogged-out horizon as they urge you to take that Necessary Call, warn moodily against a Cyberattack, and inexplicably Crack an Egg in honor of the human race…as you do.

Synthetic earworms squirm into and out of view out like twinkling city lights through evening’s opaque air, feasting on terse punk skeletons. The neon is buffed to an aerosol sheen by Chris Woodhouse behind the blinking motherboards, with a streetlight or two of Gary Numan's slanting through the door.

The automatons know where the party’s at - follow them.