Mosam Howieson ~ Napalm (Romance)
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Mosam Howieson ~ Napalm

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Melbourne native Mosam Howieson debuts on Butter Sessions with two original techno cuts.

On the opening track ‘Napalm (Romance)’ an advanced pulse pushes against intricate bleeps and soundscapes until we are rewarded with an emotional vacation drenched in euphoric pads before being locked back into the grind of the beat. Next up on ‘Brain Scatter’ Howieson goes in for a heavy drum workout bolstered by unique sound design and expertly crafted dynamics.

On the flip, label heads Sleep D step in and expand on the minimalism of ‘Brain Scatter’ with a hypnotic bassline and industrial leaning SFX . Wrapping up the EP we have one of Japans leading producers Wata Igarashi, debuting on Butter Sessions with his signature take on deep electronics...Peak time acid infused techno glory at its finest!