Gregor ~ Silver Drop
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Gregor ~ Silver Drop

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Silver Drop is the debut album by young Melbourne pop eccentric Gregor.

Playful and idiosyncratic, the tape was the work of an artist still learning how to open up. Silver Drop takes the restless, inquisitive spirit of his music and applies it to his own interior emotional world. In short, love has entered the building, left its mark and Gregor will never be the same again.

So alongside propulsive pop moments like This Heat or Fishing Net there are also deep, unsparing reflections like Revise Me, I’ll Prove It To You and the album’s stunning title track.

Silver Drop is a remarkable record, about as touching as anything you’ve heard, and similarly striking for its musical adventurousness. Spacious and delicate, but peppered with acerbic pop moments and extended, loping grooves, the album draws together elements of the Durutti Column, Arthur Russell and The The, all filtered through Gregor’s increasingly personal vision.