Dennis ~ The Enthusiast
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Dennis ~ The Enthusiast

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No social media.
No press photos.
Rare live appearances.
DENNIS appear determined to remain anonymous.

DENNIS features original BITS OF SHIT drummer Dempster (also formerly of THE SAILORS), plus BITS OF SHIT bassist Elias wielding guitar, as he did on the sublime WHIPPER “Shit Love” 7″ (Aarght, 2016). Then there’s Tommy, who stepped in on bass duties during the BITS OF SHIT tour of Japan, June 2016. Lastly, there’s Chugga (of CHUGGA AND THE FUCKHEADS) providing his demented yet assuredly astute observations, not unlike The Toecutter himself.

Songs are short, shards of your fave scratched 45’s.
Sounds swiped from the Saints, X, Germ