Bent ~ Snakes and Shapes
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Bent ~ Snakes and Shapes

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Bent are an angular, post punk trio hailing from Brisbane, Australia. A place (in my opinion) that is providing some of Australia's most interesting music at present.

Provided the current heatwave of summer 'Snakes and Shapes' comes in at a fitting time. Completely refreshing, unhinged and addictive. Inspired, wonky, scratchy, angular post punk that screams softly at our current scorching climate.

The album is riddled with clues and ill-fitting shapes. A sound created through not only guitar and drums but pots, pans, recorders, xylophones, tins, shakers and rocks. Heidi's lyrics come through more like contemporary poetry responding to the apathy of living in Brisbane. A observation of everyday life and its small rewards, like bike rides and clean underwear.