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V/A ~ Milano Undiscovered
Various Artists ~ Milano Undiscovered (Early 80s Italo Disco & Synth Pop Experiments From Milan's Underground)
LP / 12" Vinyl
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  • Label / Pressing: Spittle Records / SPITTLE118 / 2021
  • Release Year: 2021
  • Country: Italy

40 years after the beginnings of the Italo disco movement 'Milano Undiscovered' leads us to discover the first ferments of the Milanese post-punk dance scene. In the early 80's future producers began to veer towards a form of dance music not yet defined, what once seemed like an experimental form, today sounds like a cornerstone for future development in the club scene of key cities such as Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Amsterdam.

Italo disco was first mistreated, then exalted, forgotten and rediscovered a thousand times and today it is one of the most respected genres in club music. Fred Ventura, musician and producer - here curator of the compilation - has selected 11 key tracks from the local scene.