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Cosmic Discotheque
V/A ~ Cosmic Discotheque Vol. 5
LP / 12" Vinyl
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A massive new dose of rare and bizarre tracks for all disco-junkies out there. With this new Cosmic Discoteque release Naughty Rhythm Records keep focusing on the most bizarre '70s disco productions. A further exploration of the fascinating Afro side of disco. A still very fascinating topic already approached in the second volume of the series. Piles of forgotten singles and hidden little treasures, mostly B-sides of 7" singles found in flea markets around the world. Wild Afro-funk and tribal rhythms, and deep voodoo atmospheres are the backbone of this fifth volume. A highly exciting potion that will not disappoint the many fans of this sub-genre. 12 singles of overwhelming Afro disco funk, ideal for your next wild party and excellent inputs for all you heavy diggers. Features Tom Tom, Michael Amara, M'Bamina, Raw Energy, The Starlights, Truman Bley's African Rhythm Machine, Maani, Zubaba, Eddie Quansah, Makonde, Malinga Five, and Black Blood.