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Thee Oh Sees
Thee Oh Sees ~ An Odd Entrances
LP / 12" Vinyl
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An Odd Entrances arrived fast, even by Thee Oh Sees standards. The Bay Area-born psych band has always worked at a feverish clip—at least an album a year, in additions to shelves of singles, EPs, rarities and miscellany—but their 18th and latest studio full-length follows its predecessor A Weird Exits by a mere three months.

The band has reached the point where their prolificacy has become a kind of performance art, an experiment in how much worthwhile product one group can deliver without releasing an outright dud. Though it’s not a force of nature like the other LPs Thee Oh Sees have produced since returning from their farcically brief 2013 hiatus, Odd Entrances more than keeps their streak alive.