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Sven Wunder
Sven Wunder ~ Asterism Waltz 7"
7" Vinyl
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Piano Piano Records presents the brand new 45" from Sven Wunder

  • Black 7" Vinyl
  • Released on Piano Piano Records
  • Music by Sven Wunder

The word asterism comes from astḗr (ἀστήρ), the Ancient Greek word for star. In astrology, an asterism is a pattern of stars (that is not a constellation) and can be seen in the night sky. In meteorology, an asterism indicates light snowfall. In typography, an asterism is a symbol consisting of three asterisks placed in a triangle: ⁂. The symbol is a type of dinkus that can be used to divide text to emphasize a passage or a sub-chapter in a book.

Sven Wunder celebrates this space in-between by offering a brief hiatus in a gently tinkling jazz-waltz comprised of two variations for small ensemble, that calls attention to the starlit sky and the light falling snow, before resuming.