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Streetlife ~ Nite Songs
LP / 12" Vinyl
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  • Label / Pressing: Tidal Waves Music / TWM66 / 2021 Black LP
  • Release year: 1980
  • Country: US

Streetlife was a short-lived soul-funk band from the Tampa Bay area and released just one album in 1980. The group was composed out of several dynamic musicians (ranging from street players to college professors) but at that time nobody knew (yet) that their Nite Songs LP would become such a much sought-after private pressed holy grail within the record collecting community! Streetlife was founded in 1979 by Sonny Pekerol and Phil Tolotta who were both members of the top-selling 1960s Washington DC Grammy Award-winning hit band ’The Winstons’. Their track Amen, Brother is the most widely sampled instrumental in the history of the electronic music & hip hop genres…it would become known as the Amen Break.