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Spped, Glue & Shinki
Speed, Glue & Shinki ~ Eve
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Ex-Foodbrain guitarist Shinki Chen, bass player Masayayoshi Kabe (also know as M Glue) and Phillipino Vietnam war veteran Joey `Pepe' Smith, who doubled as both the trio's drummer and vocalist, released two legendary albums in the early 70s. "Eve", the earlier of the band's two efforts, was probably the band's only 'real' recording as the self-titled 2nd release in 1972 was put together by Smith from studio outtakes of Chen's guitar playing and tracks omitted from "Eve".

"Eve" is a bluesy, psychedelic album, with Chen's Hendrix-style guitar playing firmly underpinned by Smith's insistent percussion style modelled on the playing of his idol, Ginger Baker. The band dissolved immediately after the release of "Eve" as the other two members found Smith's drug-fuelled lifestyle (he was a huge fan of amphetamines and diligently applied himself to establishing a prodigious habit) decidedly unappealing.

Chen decided he didn't want to record again, and became a successful live artist, Joey went back to the Philippines and started the power trio Juan de la Cruz Band, and Masayoshi Kabe would win fame with the band Pink Cloud. In spite of their short-lived activity, Speed, Glue and Shinki were important, first and foremost as pioneers of the Japanese psychedelic rock scene. LP is in a gatefold sleeve.