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River Yarra x Ausecuma Beats
River Yarra x Ausecuma Beats ~ Keleh (River Yarra’s Situationist Rework)
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Music in Exile presents the latest in the 'REMIXED' series; River Yarra x Ausecuma Beats

  • Classic pressing black vinyl
  • Released on Music In Exile
  • Mastered by Mikey Young

Music in Exile presents the latest in our 'REMIXED' series, seeing Melbourne's minimalist electronic innovator River Yarra take on West Africa-via-Cuba ensemble Ausecuma Beats. Rooted in percussion, rhythm and experimentation, River Yarra’s honest musical output crawls across an entrancing range of tempos and styles, with his trademark deadly serious humour and mature, playful spirit.

Ausecuma Beats hope to tell the stories of people from around the world, and in doing so highlight the fact that we as individuals are able to come together in peace and harmony, celebrating our unique identities and sharing these strengths with each other. This is a sentiment that is sonically celebrated through the Music in Exile REMIXED project.