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Rasputin's Stash
Rasputin's Stash ~ Rasputin's Stash
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Cosmic Rock present a reissue of the self-titled album by Rasputin's Stash, originally released in 1971. The band, founded in the early '70s by session musician Martin Dumas Jr, debuted with a killer album on Cotillion (a subsidiary label of Atlantic, operating from 1968 to 1986) in 1971 showing their intense power and a full-on blaxploitation aesthetic. Their sound was mainly a mix of fuzzy guitars and tight horns arrangements, with lots of cool percussion thrown in. At times, you can tell there's almost a Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band vibe to their approach, but mixed with some lysergic influences -- think about early Funkadelic -- verging on their more rock side of things.