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Purple Image
Purple Image ~ Purple Image
LP / 12" Vinyl
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  • Label / Pressing: Tidal Waves Music / TWM23 / 2020 Silver LP
  • Release year: 1970
  • Country: US
  • Extra info: 180g vinyl / comes with insert & liner notes

An energetic, powerful blend of acid rock and fusion, frantic Coltrane-ish sax, a blistering amalgam of rock, soul and funk … it sounds best when the volume is cranked! The album at its heaviest moments is as heavy as The Stooges on Fun House…it’s hard, mean and direct, and still ultimately groove-based.

The band’s unique psychedelic sound is an attestation to the times in which they were immersed, and a reflection of their own reality. This album is an outstanding example of psychedelic rock and funk fusion that shouldn’t be missed. Together with their (few) contemporaries, the band lay the foundations for future African-American crossover acts such as Fishbone, Bad Brains & Living Colour.