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Full Ugly
Full Ugly ~ Spent The Afternoon
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Bedroom Suck Records presents the sole LP from 2014 by Full Ugly

  • Pressed on classic black vinyl
  • Released on Bedroom Suck
  • Mastered by Mikey Young
  • Recorded by Jack Farley
  • Photograph & Layout by Pat O'Neill

Full Ugly is primarily a vehicle for the songwriting of one Melbourne native, Nathan Burgess. 

Spent the Afternoon was recorded and mixed by Jack Farley (Twerps, Panel of Judges, Beaches) at Transient Studios mid-2011, prior to Caterer’s move to New York. Farley’s naturalistic approach suited the band well and the album was finished quickly and with little fuss. It is a product completely of and for Melbourne; those trademark sunlit guitars shine over a slow and comfortable groove, life is documented in a way that allows true insight into the flourishing music scene in which Full Ugly now find themselves at the fore.

The album was mastered by Mikey Young and beyond being a great document of contemporary Australian music, also happens to make for some truly rewarding listening. It is a disarming record, sincere and shabbily endearing. Melodies lope along toward a greater destination, a summer breeze runs through the studio and is captured in the rhythm of these songs. And when all is said and done, the sound of Full Ugly is left hanging in the air, a comforting look over the shoulder.