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PEEL ~ PEEL (Sapphire Blue Flightless Exclusive)
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Third Eye Stimuli Records presents the highly anticipated debut 12" EP from PEEL.

  • Flightless Distro Exclusive
  • 12" EP on Sapphire Blue Vinyl
  • Limited edition of 50 worldwide
  • Released on Third Eye Stimuli Records
  • Artwork by Harry Tuckwell & Pollen Arts Club

Here it is, the highly anticipated debut release guaranteed to rouse your inner shoegazer. Recorded over a six month period of bushfires and pandemics, PEEL’s self-titled EP presents a holistic package of the wall of fuzz they’ve teased us with since their first single ‘Memory Loop’ saturated the airwaves last year.

Strapping in for the full five track experience, PEEL lead an expedition through realms of British guitar-driven music of the 80s and 90s, exuding influences from the Post Punk and Madchester eras through the band's timeless brand of shoegaze and psychedelia. The Jesus and Mary Chain come to mind, as does the Stone Roses and Primal Scream, but the group have spun their own take on their prized influences through modern songwriting and storytelling waiting to be discovered under layers of noise and texture.

The resulting EP is an impressive debut showcasing PEEL’s interdimensional guitar music that weaves fuzz, reverb and noise with luminous synths and sequencers, atmospheric soundscapes, dazed vocals and propulsive rhythms. While the band are still fresh to the wider scene; it’s crystal clear that PEEL is a group of experienced musicians who have realised their vision and are ready to take shoegaze and psychedelia into exciting new territories.