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Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo ~ Michael Angelo
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Michael Angelo Nigro is a Kansas City multi-instrumentalist who recorded his first album in 1977, the self-titled Michael Angelo. Recorded during his off hours at his job as a session man at Liberty Recording.

Unlike many self-created obscurities rescued from the margins, Michael Angelo (aka The Guinn Album) isn’t the effort of some fanatical, ponderous bedroom wiz delivered with passion in lo-fi, but a fully-fledged pro-studio recording executed by multi-instrumentalist and full-time session man in mid-to-late ‘70s Kansas City, MO, Michael Angelo Nigro. 

An enigmatical exemplar of subterranean overachievers, Michael created the album as a labor of economy during studio off-hours when he was given free reign, and since its discovery by fringe-searchers it has been christened a heavy-hitter in the pantheon of “out-of-time” treasures.

Self-produced and nearly fully self-created (with drums handled by Frank Gautieri), Michael Angelo is a staggering, hook-filled, inner space hi-fi snapshot of dreamy folk-rock, Anglophile-pop and light psychedelia, filled with contemplative, arresting lyrical imagery and carries little to ally it to its time.

The original release was only 500 copies. In 2015, Anthology Recordings remastered and re-released the album.