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M. Caye Castagnetto
M. Caye Castagnetto ~ Leap Second
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Influenced by a life split between Lima, London, and Twentynine Palms, Peru-born Caye Castagnetto's "Leap Second" is an intriguingly personal and hard to classify debut album.  The album is thick collage of samples Caye recorded with different artists and musicians, including the late Aileen Bryant, that spans 5 years in the making. There is something in Leap Second that tracks the speed of bodies, how they approach and retreat. The 10 tracks are speedy and languid, thick ruffles, and dirges. In parts it feels like you've stumbled upon a forgotten incredible 70's folk record but that feeling gets broken quickly by clever sleights of hand. Caye's balladry is angular, time is elastic. Each song is a fresh cape.