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Lehmann B Smith
Lehmann B Smith ~ Poplar Music
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Bedroom Suck Records present the new musical project fresh out of South Australia 

  • Classic pressing black vinyl
  • Released on Bedroom Suck

Lehmann B. Smith has written many hundreds of songs in search of the good one'.

Finding his greatest success as a sideman for bands like Totally Mild and Kes Band, Smith has often been described as a musician's musician, an undiscovered talent. He is a prodigious songwriter, laboriously notating album after album of unreleased material and storing these away in his home studio for a rainy day.

With this new album written, arranged, recorded and played almost entirely by himself at this studio (reportedly somewhere in Ascot Vale), Lehmann B. Smith is like a suburban version of Prince on the outskirts of an Australian city.

He is a mystery, an enigma, something of a genius; his music will resonate in your head for days, and should you be lucky enough to witness a live performance - save that story for your children. 'His compositions are elegant gossamer tapestries that engage and inspire.