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Leather Towel
Leather Towel ~ Leather Towel VI 7"
7" Vinyl
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Anti Fade Records presents the 2016 7" from Leather Towel.

  • Australian first pressing of 300 on Black vinyl
  • Released in 2016 on Aarght and Anti Fade Records

Banger four-song EP from Melbourne's Leather Towel following up their killer LP released on Aarght.

The members of Leather Towel variously played and still play in Nun, Ooga Boogas, Ausmuteants, Exhaustion, Woollen Kits, Knife Fight and Hierophants. A veritable cavalcade of Weird Punk talent who got together to play hardcore but ended up as a clanging mess of a band travelling six ways at once, stumbling headlong in perfect cohesion at 200kmh.