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Juan Wauters
Juan Wauters ~ La Onda De Juan Pablo
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Over the last few years, Latin American artist Juan Wauters has covered a lot of ground, both artistically and geographically. In 2016, Wauters directed a film in the Southwest of France and, in 2017, he performed for the first time in his birthplace of Uruguay. He's also been traveling Latin America extensively, taking time to pause and rethink his life, his art and his career after releasing two critically acclaimed albums, 2014's N.A.P.: North American Poetry and 2015's Who Me?.

As both time and place often have a unique influence on music, Wauters planned to record his next album abroad, seeking a break from his life in New York City, the city he has called home since moving from Montevideo in 2002.

He settled in Mexico City in 2017 to focus on writing. However, shortly after, he was offered a role in an independent film being shot in Argentina. Never one to turn down a creative opportunity, Wauters packed up his 100 pound mobile recording studio into two suitcases and took off to Buenos Aires. When filming was complete, Wauters wound up writing and recording all over Latin America - from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Chile to Mexico and Puerto Rico - seeking collaboration at every stop with local musicians who embody the traditions and energies specific to each region.

Until this point in his career, most of his songs had been sung in English, but revisiting his Latin roots inspired him to record songs in his native tongue.

Thus, Wauters gives us the first of multiple albums he will release this year: the wonderful La Onda de Juan Pablo, the world of Juan Pablo Wauters