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John Andrews
John Andrews & The Yawns ~ Cookbook
LP / 12" Vinyl
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John Andrews is picking flowers from each corner of his life and presenting you with an unusual bouquet. His imaginary band “The Yawns” are back! Third time’s a charm.

A heavy dose of California chill beaming out from New Hampshire, John Andrews return with Cookbook, their follow-up to 2017’s Bad Posture, and an airy collection of laid-back country rock, gentle AM ballads, and breezy cantina instrumentals with more than a dose of Guaraldi-imbued jazz.

Andrews is a communal artist: drumming in Quilt, playing keys in Woods, and generally lending a hand in projects such as Hand Habits, Cutworms, Widowspeak, and Kevin Morby. As such, his sound emits a close-knit, homespun warmth, not unlike the familial coziness that the album’s title suggests.

Gather around the table and dig in, you’re amongst friends