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Highdelberg ~ Highdelberg
LP / 12" Vinyl
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This is an official release in cooperation with Ax Genrich. Ax Genrich joined Guru Guru in 1970 as the extraordinary guitarist on their first five albums. One can`t overstate Ax Genrich`s talent, as one of the most phenomenal and unique German guitarists (Freeman Brothers in “The crack in the cosmic egg“). The music on his first solo album Highdelberg comes from recording sessions with Conny Plank at the controls and the music was done by friends stopping by to jam. With the likes of Mani Neumeier, Cluster, and 3/4ths (Hattler, Wolbrandt, Fride) of Kraan by his side, Genrich made his first recordings since leaving Guru Guru in 1973. The standout track, 'Kosmische Phyrze' is an 8 minute dreamy instrumental containing guitar-based rock and electronic sound effects supplied by Cluster resulting in a very original sound.

'Saure Drops Und Suesser Wein' contains a goofy rock sound which can be compared to Guru Guru's self-titled 1973 LP. This “supersession project“ was very much in parallel to Mani Neumeier´s Mani und seine Freunde“ album. The album offers various musical styles in the Ax Genrich vein: rather psychedelic, slightly jazzy and bluesy played with a lot of fun and energy. This officially released vinyl version comes with cover sized insert sheet containing liner notes by Ax himself, photos from his archive and with a newly remastering by Rocking Riesling Productions. Don`t miss this legendary album!