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Hamjam ~ A/S/L?
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Bedroom Suck Records presents the debut LP from Hamjam

  • Pressed to Transparent Yellow vinyl
  • Released on Bedroom Suck
  • Recorded by Hamjam in Perth
  • Mastering by Mike Jelinek at Jelly Sound
  • Cover artwork by Matt Sav
  • Cover picture by Scarlett Stevens

Not something that goes into your sandwich, Hamjam is a collaboration between Methyl Ethel's keys player Hamish Rahn (Ham) and Pond's keyboard whizz James Ireland (Jam).

Opening with the slippery, low-slung funk of the title track, the album blossoms into some occasionally sunny chords that go up against despondent lyrics and a woozy nonchalance that will be familiar to Methyl Ethel fans; less so to Pond freaks. There are a few inspired moments where disaffected apathy meets plastic soul breeziness, but it slumps away towards the end.