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Gordon Koang x Ginoli
Gordon Koang x Ginoli ~ Mal Mi Goa (Ginoli Remix)
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Music in Exile presents another groover from the Music in Exile REMIXED series

  • Pressed to Classic Black vinyl
  • Released on Music In Exile
  • Recorded and mixed by James Ireland in Fremantle, Australia
  • Mastered by Mikey Young
  • Artwork by Rick Milovanovic

Legendary South Sudanese pop star Gordon Koang teams up with Ginoli (a.k.a James Ireland, Perth-based producer and drummer of POND) to release this latest cross-continent dancefloor filler.

Another release from the Music in Exile REMIXED series traverses cultures and genres featuring danceable, swelling synths alongside Koang’s joyful voice and thom (an East African stringed instrument that Koang has modified to suit his unique style of playing.)

Gordon Koang was born blind and began playing music from an early age, busking on the streets of Juba and producing his own self-released CD-R’s and cassettes. He became a crowd favourite and began recording a series of singles and music videos celebrating South Sudan’s cultural wealth. His music went viral, spreading throughout the country, and his reputation quickly grew as the poet and homegrown hero of the Nuer people, sometimes called the “Michael Jackson of South Sudan.”

Featuring exclusive B-sides from Ginoli featuring Nicholas Albrook and Mei Sariswati.