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Good Morning
Good Morning ~ Glorcross
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Bedroom Suck Records presents a double EP of Good Morning's acclaimed ‘Glory’ and ‘Shawcross’ EPs

  • Pressed on classic black vinyl
  • Released on Bedroom Suck
  • Compilation of the EP's 'Glory' and 'Shawcross'

Good Morning are a two piece recording project made up of Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons from Melbourne.

After teasing fans with bite-sized pieces of addictive dreamy rock, local duo Good Morning have finally re-released their EPs Glory and Shawcross, in one delicious full album.

Their hazy, lo-fi signature can be heard through all 13 delectable tracks, offering the soundtrack to both a dreary winter’s day in Melbourne and a sunny Californian road trip.