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Gaijin Blues
Gaijin Blues ~ Gaijin Blues II
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Inspired by Japanese Role Playing Games, Super Nintendo and some serious hours playing Dragon Quest V, Final Fantasy VI, VII and IX, and Phantasy Star IV. This an LP of samples, live instrumentation and programming as a love note that you’d never find inside a video game box...until now.

Gaijin Blues II takes you a step further. With this LP the band have created their own fictional JRPG, an end to end narrative with the music weaved around it all. Even the back cover is a homage to a classic video game magazine, designed by Tom Miller in the style of a walkthrough of the "game", detailing how to get through each chapter/track.

In the words of the creators themselves: “This is a sequel to a story you’ve never experienced. You are the protagonist who is coming back home to see his world completely changed by seemingly harmless technology. Each track is a chapter in this tale. Collect the items, gather a party and use your wit and imagination to find out the truth. Because technology usually comes at a price…”