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Doroth ~ Take It Easier 7"
7" Vinyl
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Research Records presents the debut 7" from Doroth.

  • Australian pressing on Black vinyl
  • Released in 2018 on Research Records
  • Produced and engineered by Maria Moles
  • Mastered by Corey Kikos
  • Front cover photo by Jamie Woziekonski
  • Design by Marys Syawish
The duo of Loretta Wilde and Maria Moles from Melbourne have established a song writing craft that’s equal parts This Heat and Throwing Muses; all disjointed rhythms and dry vocal delivery that seems to come with an intentional feeling of malaise.
Where their self-titled EP allowed for the sprawling Still House Plants-esque sound of ‘On The Lamb’, both ‘Take It Easier’ and ‘Picture’ condense the live sound into two sub 4 minute slices of indie pop / art rock goodness. We’ve got no clue what photograph Wilde is singing about but the combination of bass and drums bouncing off one another underneath her prolonged strainings will be sure to stick in your brain.