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Winter McQuinn
Winter McQuinn ~ A Rabble Of Bees
LP / 12" Vinyl
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A Rabble Of Bees is a collection written by Winnie McQuinn during the depths of both Covid-19 related lockdowns in 2020. These songs are centred around friendships, environment, government inaction, sacred geometry and relationships changing. The sounds and influences for these songs shift and change but have been likened to Syd Barrett, Babe Rainbow, Pond and some acid burnout country.

Just as a rabble of real Bees all move separately on their own journeys but work together for the same goal, each song has its own story and trajectory that winds up in the same place. This independence and waywardness of each track is what brings them together. 

'A Rabble Of Bees' was recorded with two SM57 microphones and captured in a home studio in Northcote and Brunswick. This album was released on limited edition vinyl by Third Eye Stimuli Records.