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Ausecuma Beats
Ausecuma Beats ~ Ausecuma Beats
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Music in Exile presents the debut LP from Ausecuma Beats

  • Pressed to Classic Black vinyl
  • Released on Music In Exile
  • All songs written or arranged by Boubacar Gaye & Ausecuma Beats
  • Mixed, Mastered & Recorded by John Lee
  • Textile Work by Anne Harkin
  • Photography by Josh Robenstone
  • Design by Rick Milovanovic
On their debut full-length, Ausecuma Beats encapsulate the spirit of this unique band; each track showcases the different talents of each musician and sonically explores what is possible when we join together and celebrate our differences. Ausecuma Beats are more than just a band, they are a community, a family, a frame of mind.

“Our role is to develop a new style of music. To learn how to share with each other. The other guys learn a lot from me, about Senegal, my culture. I learn a lot about them, about Mali, other West African states. We work to lift each other, to learn from each other through music.

Each has a different mentality, a difference experience. Everyone has experience from their journey before they came to Melbourne and to Ausecuma Beats.” - Boubacar Gaye, Ausecuma Beats