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100% ~ You Are 100%
LP / 12" Vinyl
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Since the release of their self-titled and sold out cassette on Moontown Records just over a year ago, 100% have hooked their new wave of synth heavy groove firmly into Australia’s east coast. Hailing from Brisbane, Chloe, Grace and Lena are completely self styled and continuously working, with influences ranging from 80’s pop, 90’s House, Italo Disco, Darkwave and EBM. A unique sound created through eclectic creative backgrounds ranging from music, fashion, art and DIY distro. Imagine East Walls ‘Silence’ meeting Tina Turner along a washed out Brisbane beach on a blistering hot day for cocktails.

'You Are 100%' shows the bands progression into a more established and mature sound. Lena’s voice resonates deeply throughout the record between punchy live bass lines, locked in dance inducing beats and euphoric synth lines. 'You Are 100%' is an expression of the acceptance of a femme fatale. Espousing lessons of fragility and strength, it forewarns one to take things as they are and as they come. The words have taken from solo trips to the cinema, words of wisdom forgotten over time, and a cynical reach to the empowering texts of soul and house music. These songs speak to emotional labour and collective support. You Are 100% is repetitive hard work that grows and lets go of what weighs you down, it is total leisure the way 100% make it.