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Nearly seven years have passed since ORB began transmitting their doomy fuzzed out signal from Geelong, Australia.

hat began as three former garage band mates Zak Olsen, Daff Gravolin and Jamie Harmer (The Frowning Clouds) experimenting with a heavier sound,  quickly evolved into a project that has been expanding exponentially ever since.

From the great enveloping cosmic dark, ORB realised their maiden long player ‘Birth’. A bio-engineered, proto-metal payload of dystopian sci-fi. Electrodes attached by starlight to a petri-dish, allows pathogens to infect pickups and synthesizers to awaken synapses on ORB’s sophomore project; Naturality (2016).

Riding the inertia of Naturality, ORB successfully navigated a massive run of international shows, including huge tours of Europe and a US tour with King Gizzard, including an impressive 11 shows in 5 days at Austin’s South by Southwest.

Beautiful echoes of the past/warnings of a dark future permeate ORB’s fourth and most recent release ‘Space Between the Planets’ (2018). Fans of their previous releases feel an immediate pay-off with waves of wah and fuzz drenching globular bass lines and the punchiest of rhythms, poignantly struck. ‘Space Between’ sees the ORB sound diversify, a new face/a new phase of their alchemical sonic signal.