Mysterious Flightless Records touchstone Cook Craig returns with his third solo installment as Pipe-Eye in 2019. Appearing in more Flightless line-ups then any of his label contemporaries (King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Murlocs and Pipe-eye) Cookie has applied his, now sought after peculiar Pipe-Eye point of view to the world and created his catchiest and most evolved release to date; Inside/Outside.

Written and recorded over a two year period since Pipe-eye’s first full length LP ‘Laugh About Life’ (2017), Inside/Outside realises a full band sound through Craig’s dynamic arrangements, with bass bumping along under pop melodies that float between baroque and bubblegum.

Fans of Cosmic Blip (2015) will agree, Pipe-eye’s use of soundscapes and ambient interludes have been a prominent feature in previous releases. Inside-Outside reiterates this with a fresh perspective that blends songs with aural experience.

The first single Fluorescent Wonder is a funky fascinated odyssey that’s for anyone that has ever felt drawn by the allure of a late night supermarket.

Ambient beeps and boops of a cash register give way to tasty synth tones that accompany, the Nillsonesque lyrical style that Pipe-Eye devouts will nod their heads to, whilst giving newcomers their own light bulb moment.