King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have today shared a MUST SEE video for a completely new track titled Self-Immolate in which each band member of the band is burnt alive in a satanic ritual. 
Self-Immolate follows in the same vein as their previous John Angus Stewart directed video to Planet B in early April.

Self-Immolate, like Planet B, finds the band fully scratching their thrash metal itch. Armed with double kick, an arsenal of guitars, & the thirst to melt faces, these new tracks take a distinctly different tack to the band’s recently released album, Fishing For Fishes, which came out on Flightless Records in late April 2019.

Read the incredible synopsis below by director John Angus Stewart. 

The offerers were sent to hell. But what was only a few moments on earth, were over 500 years for the offerers. Zagan, summons them back to earth to keep her side of the bargain. The offerers are shadows of what they once were after lifetimes served in the spiralling, stinking pits of Hell. They have forgotten existence without constant agony, searing heat and torture. They quiver and shake, terrified of a place they once only knew but now cannot conceive. Zagan performs the ritual of reanimation, possessing them with a half-life. The offerers, vomit and choke as the petrol fills their lungs. To complete the re-animation ritual they must self-immolate to cauterise their new form. They turned to hell with a blind, idealistic, altruistic hope, but now they have become the anthropomorphised doom and fire that will consume the earth itself.

- John Angus Stewart

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